Often, MREC clients want to own the location of their practice. Several purposes can be served in this instance:

* Realizing property value appreciation over time

* Reducing or recouping rental costs

* Obtaining alternate income sources

* Amortizing financing for longer terms to ease startup cash flow

* Locating a place where an available building may not already exist

* Building a unique property that suits a client’s special purpose or brand

MREC assists clients in developing and implementing a purchase negotiation strategy that takes into consideration their financial resources and available time. Negotiations are completed with the help of local commercial real estate brokers, 1031 tax exchange specialists, financial planners and/or attorneys. Not only is MREC armed with the knowledge of what properties may be worth on the open market, but we also understand what they are worth to our clients. It is critical to know that the target price range that suits our clients is completely separate from whether a particular property is priced to be a “good deal.”