“Before I worked with John I had asked a good friend advice about how to open a dental office.  She had a fast growing practice and I wanted to emulate her success.  She flat out told me ‘Don’t do anything before you call this guy.  I wish i had someone like him when i opened up my practice.’ She followed up by sending me John’s info.

I felt as if I needed to build my office quickly. I could write pages about how John can make your life easier on so many levels.  Suffice it to say that the bottom line is that you’re fooling yourself if you think you can do this alone.  John Masserano is the ultimate concierge to a painless opening of your dental practice.  If i ever opened another office I wouldn’t do it without him.”

Dr. Stacey Reynolds

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  • Release Date : March 2010
  • Client : Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City
  • Copyright : Masserano Real Estate & Consulting

Having begun to see her own private patients preliminarily in the office of a local general dentist, Dr. Stacey Reynolds knew she wanted her own pediatric dental practice in the Garden City area of Long Island. But with her full time associateship, her young family and with the unique challenges to developing a new practice in the NY area, Dr. Reynolds hired the services of Masserano Real Estate and Consulting to help realize her dream. Starting with assisting Dr. Reynolds with her business plan, Masserano guided her through the process of finding and acquiring a great lease space that was very easy for patients to find, with excellent parking and its own private entry and lots of natural light. While the lease negotiation was under way, carrying out a strategy that supported her objectives and budget and that accommodated the construction of the office before the commencement of rent, her office was designed. This not only involved Masserano’s creation of Dr. Reynolds’ complete construction documents, but Dr. Reynolds was also able to meet and work with Masserano’s local interior designer to cover every design detail. Further, Masserano formed a team that under John’s direction addressed and completed each aspect of the project from the construction, integration of technology, selection, purchasing and installation of all furnishings, fixtures and equipment, establishing business services, implementation of insurance, and tracking and accounting for each project expenditure to closing the practice loan. This guidance at every level enabled Dr. Reynolds and Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City to have a running start in its beautiful new office location.

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