If a scratch start pediatric dental facility can be optimally developed while the proprietor gets engaged, married and works full time without missing a beat, then Dr. Amy Planz's project in Hillsborough, NJ is the proof. Having targeted Hillsborough as the area to start her new practice, Dr. Planz asked Masserano Real Estate and Consulting to help make her vision a reality. The first steps began with forming a preliminary budget, talking with lenders and studying the Hillsborough area in detail to determine the best area in which to seek a home for the practice. Visiting with one another and reviewing all the possible site options, considering both purchase and lease opportunities, an ideal target location was quickly found. Masserano then simultaneously worked on the negotiation of the practice loan, office lease, and development of the office design. Dr. Planz was able to secure a unique space with exterior windows (and referral sources) on three sides, and with a pre-planned area in which she will be able to expand the practice in the future via an option negotiated with her lease. As Masserano assisted with the selection and negotiation of the equipment, technology and other elements of the practice, its local interior designer transformed Dr. Planz's concept with the use of 3D models and a virtual video of the future space. These models also helped with the branding implementation throughout the space, also formed between Dr. Planz and Masserano's suggested dental marketing team. Most importantly, as Dr. Planz's vision for her future manifested in Hillsborough, Masserano eliminated the need to stress about an arduous permitting and construction process or to stay on top of project coordination. And like an overnight shipping service, a complete office package was delivered by Masserano and its team under the originally estimated budget. So keep an eye on Hillsborough Pediatric Dentistry as it makes its mark in New Jersey!

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